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History of Haripad

Through the pages of History


Haripad is known as the ‘Town of Temples‘. It is the land of “Mayura Sandesa“, the land of snake boats and the land of dance and drama. In the opinion of the Dutch Governor Gollanez the sea coast between Quilon and Purakkad which the Dutch called ‘Martha” and which region was known as Karthikappally (of which Haripad was a part) consisted of two regions or nation states,Karnoppally ( the present Karunagapally) and Karimpali.

Karimpali was the area between Kayamkulam and Purakkad (Haripad was in it) Karimpali was also known as Vettimana. The capital of Vettimana was Karimpalil palace (near Haripad Railway Station), the capital was late shifted to Karthikappally. In 1742 Marthanda Varma defeated Karthikappally region and added it to Travancore State. During kingship Haripad was a Town.The town hall remains as its proof. In 1921 Haripad got Municipal town status. In 1941 it became non- municipal town. In 1954 it was changed into a Panchayat.

In the district of Alappuzha (earlier Quilon District) Haripad was the centre of administration of Karthikappally Taluk, this Onattukara region was the granary of the mayura_sandhesham3state during kingship. It was from this place that rice was supplied to the king’s family. “Nelpurakkadavu,” big paddy-storing collars and Danavpadi (the present Danappadi) etc are its memorials.Mayura sandesa It is said that Haripad derived its name from Aripad ( as Ari means Rice and this was the place where from the major portion of the rice for the state came), some say that it got the name from “Harigeethapuram”. In a literary price of Kerala Varma Valia Koithampuran there is a reference to Pahi Harigeetha Pathanapathe” (save as the master of Harigeetha ) ‘Mayura Sandesa‘ has a reference to ‘Aripadu vaanoru Kaalam’ (at a time when Haripad was ruled). Swathi Thirunal addresses Subramanya as Harigeetha puthalaya dweep’, all the show long history and importance of the name Haripad. To this may be added the fact that Karithikapally was called the place where Karthikayan lived.’ (Karthikayan Pallikollunnidom).

History says that Buddhism was strong in Kerala in the few more towns like Thrikkunnappuzha & Arattupuzha. It is observed that the additions ‘puzha’, ‘pally,’ & Kulam’ to our place names is a contribution of Buddhist religion. The first Sree Rama Krishna Ashram was established in Haripad. This Ashram which arranged a common feast for all (Misrabhojam) at a time when untouchibility was rampant has become a milestone in history. Now it is in a dilapidated condition. It was on this very place that Kerala Varma Valiya Koithampuran wrote this love letters to his dear wife to be sent through peacocks. (Mayura Sandesa- Message sent through the peacock). Mahatma Gandhi and A R Rajaraja Varma has honoured the place with their august presence. The great poet Kumaran Ashan established relationship with the place through his death.