Kanjoor Kolam

Kanjoor Kolam

The art form believed to have close relation with the gods, announces the exquisite artistic heritage of Haripad. Breath taking performances by talented artists is what makes Kanjoor Kolam extra-ordinary.

Well known art form like theyyam. Conducted in connect with festival of kanjoor Temple. The Kolam is a corrupt form of Daivam or God. Kolam represents a mythological, divine character. The person who plays and personifies the deity is generally called ‘Kolam’. For Kolam, costumes are made out of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark etc. Musical accompaniments are chenda, elathalam and kuzhal (horn).

The Kolam or Theyyams are exclusively performed by the male members of the traditional caste groups like Malayan, Vannan, Navilan, Pulayan, Koppalan and Velan. They actually belong to the scheduled castes and tribes. Kolam performances can be seen in the Kanjoor Temple at Haripad during the first week of January of every year

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