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Valiyazheekal Bridge Construction Progressing: Wave of Hope for the Coastal Region

Muthukulam: Rising the hopes of coastal region, construction of bridge connecting Valiyazheekal and Azheekal progressing rapidly. The bridge, after completion would play a key role changing the face of the adjacent coastal region. The construction is estimated to be completed within 3 years. Under the last UDF government, it was the then Home Minister Shri. Ramesh Chennithala, who put forward the idea of the bridge. The construction was inaugurated on Feb 27.

Estimated cost for this Suspended Arch bridge is INR 146.50 Crores. The bridge would be 815 meters long, 13.20 meter wide including footpath and it would be built 12 meters above the tide level. Once completed, the bridge would be integral part in connecting fishing harbors of Arthunkal, Neendakara, Punnpra, Kayamkulam and Thottapally.

With added facilities for enjoying sun rise and sun set, the bridge would contribute immensely towards the tourism development in the region.

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