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There are two versions of legends regarding the evolution of name ‘Haripad’. It is widely believed that the name Haripad evolved from the fact that the major share of food grains for the province was produced from ‘Aripad’.  The other version goes like Haripad is the short form of ‘Harigeethapuram’. More than 25 places of worship of different religions are there in Haripad including famous ‘Mannarassala Nagaraja Temple’. Kadavil Tharakan and Mosque are connected to Haripad temple.

‘Payipad Jalotsavam’ is a festival celebrated to cherish the memory of Subrahmanya Swamy idol brought from a place on the banks of Kayamkulam Lake, now known as Kandalloor. This holy procession was done with the escort of Vallams (boats). This festival attracts a lot of tourists. The religious procession was halted at the eastern boundary of Haripad, Nelpurakadavu. ‘Aranazhikakshetram’ is a temple there in the memory of that event.

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