Dr K Omanakutty – Academician, Music Teacher and Carnatic Vocalist


Dr K Omanakutty Amma, renowned musician who devoted her life to the cause of music, is an academician, music teacher and Carnatic vocalist famous for her research and publications in the field of music. She got doctorate for research on Kathakali music. She is professor and Head of the Department of Music in the University of Kerala. She also chairs Sangeetha Bharathi, a private organization promoting young talents in music. She brought the works of Swati Tirunal to the public domain.  Omanakutty discovered the effect of music on the mind of a man. she is now focusing her research on this aspect of disease management.  Dr. Omanakutty Amma has been made the senior-most faculty of the Music Therapy Department of the Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurvedic Medical College in a place called Kattakada in Trivandrum.  She is also the founder Chairman and Secretary of Thiruvananthapuram-based Sangeeta Bharati since 2003. She has a long list of devoted disciples, including the renowned singer of the state K S Chitra, B Arundathi, K S HArishankar, Manjari, K.S.Resmi among others. Her older brother M G Radhakrishnan is a music director in Malayalam movie industry and her younger brother, M G Sreekumar is a playback singer.

Dr. Omanakutty Amma was born in the year 1943 at a place near Changanassery in Kerala. She was born into a family of musicians. Her brothers have made their mark in the field of music in the state.