Muthukulam Sreedharan


Muthukulam Sreedharan was a scholar in Sanskrit language. Has worked in Military. He is the author of seven epics (Mahakavyam) and many books. The literary works are the outcome of over 75 years. He had worked in kaladi Sreesankara Sanskrit College as an Assistant Professor. ’Vidhyadhiraja Vijayam’, ‘Dharmasthaleeyam’, Sree Neelakanda Gurupathacharitham, ‘Sreenarayanagurudeva Charithramritham’, and ‘Amrithayanam’ are the seven epics (Mahakavyam). The last work done by him was the Malayalam translation of Vishnu sahasranamam.This work was published by NSS (Nair Service Society).The work ‘Shankarabhagavadpadar’, a Sanskrit Prose, is been taught in Sanskrit University. He has translated many Sanskrit literary works to Malayalam. Dhoordharsan Channel hosted ‘Subhashitham’ programme and Muthukulam Sreedharan presented the programme for a long time. He was awarded Amritha Puraskaram, Vidhyadhiraja Dharsana Puraskaram, Kavi raja Puraskaram and Panditha ratnam. Has worked as teacher in Muthukulam Sanskrit College.