Important News

1, All cinema theatres are closed until march 31st due to corona virus.
2. Mannarassala- Haripad road had been closed from today onwards due to tarring process.
3. Highly efficient C.T Scan machine is introduced in TD Medical College Alappuzha

Ramesh Chennithala

Ramesh Chennithala

Ramesh Chennithala (born on-25 May 1956) at place Chennithala, as the son of V.Ramakrishnan and Devakiamma. He is a famous politician affiliated to Indian National Congress. Ramesh Chennithala is the leader of the opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly and He has served as a member of Parliament and former State home ministers of Kerala. He holds a record of being the youngest minister of state Kerala at age 29.

In 1976 he became the Kerala student union Chennithala HS unit secretary. In 1982 he elected as MLA Haripad constituency,1986 he became the President of Pradesh Congress and in 1987 he was re-elected as MLA from haripad constituency. In 1989 he was also  elected as Member of Parliament from Kottayam Parliamentary and became National President,  Youth Congress

Ramesh Chennithala subsequently held a series of positions of  Indian National Congress. In 2011, For the third time, he elected as MLA from Haripad constituency. In 2014, he was sworn in as state Home minister of Kerala, his “Operation Kubera” was a very successful project in-state which focus on control of illegal money lender. Ramesh Chennithala married Anitha Ramesh and They had two Children Rohit and Remith.