Famous Places



Mannarassala Nagaraja Temple

The famous Nagaraja temple “Mannarasala” is covered in a forest glade.The beliefs and rituals associated with the Mannarasala temple are different from most other temples, and this is one rare temple where the puja pattern is headed by a Brahmin lady. Read More…


Ananthapuram Palace

Ananthapuram Palace is located in Danappady, Haripad, Kerala. This palace is near to the Anandhapuram High School. Unlike many other palaces this one has many buildings scattered in a vast area. Read More…


Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Sree Subrahmanya Swamy temple at Haripad is one of the oldest Hindu temples of Kerala. Haripad Sree Subrmanya Swami temple, which is known as the South Palani (Thekkan Palani) is enriched with the existence of the almighty Velayudha Swami who is merciful and a protector. Read more…


Karthikappally St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral

Karthikappally St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral is one of the ancient churches in Kerala. The church, established some thousand years before, is at Harippad. Karthikappally church keeps an immense archive of the local history in about 621palmyra-written records. Read more…


Pallipad Meda

Alummootil family holds an important part in the history of Mid Travancore. This family attained higher education and economic status at a time when Kerala was under the clutches of untouchability and social injustice

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