Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple

manarasala nagaraja temple

Mannarasala, The famous Nagaraja temple was cuddled in a forest glade. Devotees believed that offering prayer to Nagaraja will cure all sins(nagadosham). Manarasala is famous for its beliefs, tradition, and rituals. Nagarajaraja temple covered with Nagakkavau, Over thousands of idols and pictures, were placed and sculpted outside and inside the temple. This is one of the temples in Kerala where the priest is a brahmin lady. The illam called Eringadappally illam, the ancestral house of brahmins who serves for temple.The brahmin lady called by name mannarasala amma lead her entire life serving the serpent god and temple.



Noorum palum is one of the important offerings. Turmeric powder is another offering for protection from a poisonous snake. Small Serphant idols made of silver, gold are contributed to the temple for a particular purpose. Pookula mala(made of coconut flower)available inside the temple. Urulikamazhthal is a very special offering for infertility.

Uruli kamazhthal

Urulikamazhthal is done by numerous couples to have children. These offerings are done by instruction from amma(brahmin lady priest). Only with her advice, we can offer it in the temple. First, we should see amma and get permission for it. Sacred offering is done inside the temple with devotion and prayer.



All stories of Kerala are started with lord Parashurama, where it believes that to recover  Parashurama from sins of killing kshatriya, Holy Rishis suggested giving some land to brahmins. So  Parashurama thrown axe to sea were Kerala has formed, the piece of land Parashurama gave land to brahmins. But brahmins leave land due to salinity of the soil, the land was not habitable and another reason was land, full of poisonous to please Nagaraja Parashurama and his disciples started worshiping Nagaraja. The great priest set a theerthasala in the southern part of Kerala to perform their penance, Nagaraja pleased with their prayer, with the advice of Nagaraja, other serpents spread kalakuda(poison of serpents) to the soil. Due to the percolation of poison land become desalinate and this made land habitable. Parashurama again requested Nagaraja to bless the land with his eternal presence. Nagaraja accepted it and land blessed with his presence.

After many generations passed, the family lived with childless. Vasudeva and Sridevi, The sad couple of family worshiped Nagaraja for alleviating their worry.

Once there was an Unexpected fire broken, that burn forest into fire. All serpents tortured in fire. and At that time these couples cured serpents with honey and milk for several days. They did abhisheka with theertha and restore them to health. Their doings pleased Nagaraja and appeared in front of the couples. Nagaraja blessed that he would be embodied as your son and will stay here. Sridevi got pregnant and gave birth to a five hooded serpent and human child.

Sreedevi called his serpent child as Unni. Unni grew up with his brother. And when the time comes unni told his amma(mother) that he would live in this illam entering into samadhi to blessed the devotees inside nilavara(cellar). But unni give permission only to amma to serve him on a special after amma, other senior ladies of illam continue to be in the status of that amma and serve naga(serpent) on that special day. That tradition was followed today also.

Pulluvan pattu is the music for serpent gods. It is believed that the lullaby of the Pulluvorkudom can free one of curses. A day in Mannarasala starts with the pulluvan pattu will go on until the end of the day. The Pulluvas will play the Pullorkudom for devotees who will mention them their name and birth star according to astrology

Ayilyam ‘special day’ amma give noorum palum(special feast) to Nagaraja(serpent king)and serves other nagam in nilavara.


About three kilometers to the south-east of the bus station in NH47 and Railway station at haripad, in Alleppey district of Kerala.

Airport: 115 km from Cochin International Airport, 125 km from Thiruvananthapuram Airport


One needs to be in traditional attire to get inside the temple


All-day of the week

5:00 AM-12:PM(TILL 1:00 PM ON SUNDAYS)