Haripad Sub Treasury


Haripad Sub Treasury

Haripad Sub Treasury

 Phone Number: 0479 2412727

Major services delivered by the Treasuries are
· Disbursement of Pensions
· Payment of Salary
· Savings Bank/Fixed Deposit transactions· Sale of Stamps and Stamp Papers

Role of the Treasury Department :

The functions of the Treasury Department mainly relates to payment of money into Government Account and withdrawal of money from the Government Account , accepting revenue due to the Govt. and compilation of accounts. The main functions of the Department can be broadly classified as follows:

· Act as a conduit for the transactions of GoK

· Act as a banker of funds of Local Self Governments (LSGs) and similarly placed institutions

· Compilation and maintenance of accounts of transactions of Government of Departments.

· Rendering of accounts to the Accountant General

· Providing data for reconciliation of Departmental accounts.

· Disbursement of various types of Pensions.

· Treasury Savings Bank transactions and maintenance of accounts relating to Treasury Savings Bank.

· Sale of stamp and stamp papers and maintenance of connected accounts.

· Custodian of Valuables of Government of Kerala.

· Act as safe custodian of Question Papers of SSLC & Entance Examinations conduct by Government of Kerala.