Kallooppara St Mary Orthodox Church


St Mary Orthodox Church Kallooppara, Attractions near Haripad

St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church (Kallooppara Church)

Kallooppara St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church (Kalloopara Church), situated at small village called Kallooppara (on the banks of the river Manimalayar), Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. The Church is a prized possession of Malankara Sabha. It has a legacy of around seven centuries. The church is a representation of the beautiful shingled roof tops in the early Travancore style. The church is a perfect example of the ancient temple architecture. The duration it stands against the test of time is a mystery. The Church is a worship place for thousands and has been a research topic for many. Distance from Haripad to kallooppara church is 32 Km.