Kayamkulam Lake


Kayamkulam Kayal, Kerala Tourism, Kerala Backwater Tourism

Kayamkulam Lake was a lake, before the authorities decided to break the bar separating it from the Arabian Sea to build a fishing harbour. It is now a lagoon. The aquatic life in this lagoon makes the popularity of the spot as a fishing ground. Many birds also make their home in the environs surrounding the waterbody. Various Activity zones like the Cycling Track or Recreation Room or the Adventure zone is there. You can enjoy lunch on the floating restaurant or pay a visit to the Tsunami Museum. The list of activities also includes visiting Boardwalk, View Point, Landscaping, Yard lighting, Houseboat Jetty and a waterway for boats etc. The famous boat racing competition by the name of Kayamkulam Boat Race also takes place here. Distance from Haripad to Kayamkulam lake is 18 Km.