Nooranad Padanilam Temple


Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, Famous places near haripad

Nooranad Padanilam Temple is around 18 km from Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district. The word Padanilam itself means “land of war”. The Padanilam temple is one of the important centres of worship in Kerala. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Parabrahma. The idol is placed under a tree. Shivaratri is the main festival in the temple. Thousands come to the temple on that day to see the kavadiyattam for Lord Subrahmanyan in the morning. Padanilam Temple and its surroundings witnessed many historical wars. Once there was a war between the south and the north province. During the war, soldiers from both sides died in large numbers. They were buried in the chira near the temple. Distance from Haripad to Padanilam Temple is 28 Km.