Pallipad Meda



Alummootil family holds an important part in the history of Mid Travancore. This family attained higher education and economic status at a time when Kerala was under the clutches of untouchability and social injustice. This family has a history of 300 years and its roots spreaded to almost the entire Kerala state.

‘Vettimana’ (Karthikapally) was a province in Travancore. ‘Alummootil Tharavadu’ is at Muttom in Karthikapally Thaluk now. The history of this ‘Tharavadu’ starts with 2 men who worked in the army of Kayamkulam King. They become disciples to Lakshana Panicker who was the army chief of ‘Madathinkoor’ (Mavelikara) King. After attaining knowledge in ‘Vadakan Kalari’ from lakshana Panicker, they started giving training in ‘Vadakan Kalari’, the martial art.

Someone who was envious to these two conveyed a false information that Kayamkulam King decided to kill them and for that they were asked to reach Muttom palace. These honest men, on reaching a place near Thekkedath Temple, decided to kill themselves by chopping themselves. This place is now known as “Vettikandam’.

Their mother reached Muttom palace and conveyed this to the Queen. The Kayamkulam King decided to give this mother (who resided in Karunagapalli), a shelter in Muttom. Lakshana Panicker Married the sister of the two disciples and thus the first generation of Alummootil family formed.