Parameswaran Potti – Well known Broadcast Journalist


Parameswaran Potti, son of the Communist leader and freedom fighter Chengarappally Damodaran Potti, had entered public life as a student activist. After completing his studies at the University of Kerala, he had started career with Janayugam, the official party newspaper of the Communist Party of India (CPI). He joined AIR as programme executive at Port Blaire Station, Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1991. He had also worked at the Devikulam FM Station, before arriving at Kochi in 1994.

The life of late D. Parameswaran Potti, well-known broadcast journalist and media activist, was an example for academic honesty towards truth and history.Potti was a person who had performed all he had to do in a perfect manner.That Potti was endeared through the radio to a wide spectrum of people who had never seen him in person should be perceived as a challenge by all radio journalists and programmers.Potti’s presence at the Kochi FM Station as programme executive for more than six years had turned the station into the most popular radio stations in the State.Potti was a journalist who believed that media’s duty was in giving voice to the voiceless.