Important News

1, All cinema theatres are closed until march 31st due to corona virus.
2. Mannarassala- Haripad road had been closed from today onwards due to tarring process.
3. Highly efficient C.T Scan machine is introduced in TD Medical College Alappuzha

Plastic Free Haripad Municipality

plastic free-haripad muncipality
M K Vijayan

The haripad muncipality have set plan to make all the 29 wards plastic free. For this, plastic waste from houses will be collected with the help of Green Army. Plastic waste will be shredded in plastic shredding unit and will be used for road construction.

“The execution works of the project have been started and the banning of plastic products will be imposed by end of April” said M K Vijayan, Vice Chairman of the Haripad Municipality.

The Shredding unit is capable of shredding 200 kg plastics every hour. The unit will be set up at a cost of Rs 10 lakh and is expected to be completed by end of April. Awareness will be created among the total population of 30977 on using cloth bags and bags made of biodegradable materials. A plan to set up three units for production of such products is on the cards. An amount of Rs 5 lakh has been earmarked for the projects.

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