Important News

1, All cinema theatres are closed until march 31st due to corona virus.
2. Mannarassala- Haripad road had been closed from today onwards due to tarring process.
3. Highly efficient C.T Scan machine is introduced in TD Medical College Alappuzha

To Avoid The Thirst Of Haripad, A 300 Crore Project Has Been Initialised To Provide Fresh Water


In Haripad constituency, water authority has initialized a clean water plant construction. It’s second round working has been started. As a part of water authority, construction of well and pump house has also started in Kurittisserry, Mannar. 5.81 acre land that belongs to government in the banks of Pamba river was taken by water authority for lease. This plan has started during previous party ruling period. At that time it was inaugurated by minister P.J Joseph. The main problem behind scarcity of clean water is that one part of this place is covered by sea. As a result most of the water from well and ponds taste salty. It is now re-initialized with the great effort of minister Ramesh Chennithala. It’s a 300 crore project. It is planned to be constructed in a 3 step process. The first step has been completed with 35 crore. This project aims to provide fresh water to Haripad municipality and 10 panchayath in Haripad. Water is taken from Pamba river, Mannar. It is then pumped to Pallippad plant. Then distributed to municipality and 10 panchayats. So that each person will get 70 litres fresh water in a day. This project is aimed to provide fresh water for the next 30 years.

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