Unveiling The Dream Project of Haripad


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Haripad is getting updated by the realization of the new Municipal building. Since from 2015 November, the newly organized municipality is working tirelessly for the renovation of Haripad. The replacement of the old Panchayath building was easy because of the withered conditions and finally, on the 2018-19 state budget, the amount of three crores was updated. The construction works of this newly aroused building were directly maintained under the supervision of F.R.B.L, and because of monsoon and the COVID 19 influenced the working ambiance. Considering the eventual growth of the city, the municipality building itself can be noticed as the epitome of the cultural and political processes. With the certification of ISO, the building was created under prefab technology. The structure was formulated by the lab, lift, council hall, yard, garden, interlocking yard, compound wall, and gate.

Eventually, the office will be unveiled by Honorable Local Self Governing Minister A.C Moitheen under the presence of Opposition leader, Sri Ramesh Chennithala. Under limited funds, Haripad Municipality excelled in the fields of education, health, and the progression of a differently-abled community. The fund for these also flowed from MLA and hence the city was achieving its new heights. By the introduction of Life Mission, Haripad is now totally an area without huts and rashes. Concerning the recycling of wastes from public and domestic are also ventured here under the unit of plastic Shedding units.

Women empowerment is also highlighted by the ideal working of Kudumdashree. Collectively the people of Harippad are working up to their higher effort to change the phase of the city into a cultural and socially oriented space. The Chairperson of Municipality, Vijayamma Punnormadam recollected the whole scenes by remembering the helping aids, especially about Shri. Ramesh Chennithala. The Municipality is looking forward to sustainable development in the whole area.

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